Friday, 21 October 2011

A new sense of belief in CCP?

So recently a whole load of stuff has come out of Iceland and CCP that shows they are finally going to listen to the player base and even admitted that they were wrong about how they were prioritising WOD and Dust514 above EvE.

I personally wasn't to bothered about CCP making other games and even more honestly I would probably have played WOD and was also thinking of getting a PS3 as I currently own a 360 and Dust isn't coming to my system. What I was bothered about was that while they were making these other games they stopped the excellent development of EvE online... At least that is how it felt.

So after the management decided to refocus on EvE a flood of new dev blogs came out basically telling most of us exactly what we wanted to hear. First thing... no more bloody door. Ship spinning was back and to be honest I missed it.

Next up we have PI changes.

As a pirate I sort of like the custom offices as they are useful warp points. However also as a pirate I don't like them as they are useful warp to points for my targets too. Do player custom offices change this? Not really but it might be something else to fight over and the more fights in EvE the better.

Next was the news of the Tornado that everyone thought was going to herald a new tier of battleship. However CCP threw us a curve ball today and told us that it will actually be a tier 3 battlecruiser. What's more it will be a battlecruiser that can use Bs sized guns and will be accompanied by 3 other new battlecruisers, one for each race. Awesome!

So the Caldari one will be a torpedo spewing uber kiting Drake like thing.

The Minnie one will have bs sized AC's and probably be the best of the bunch in my opinion. Can you imagine your general Hurricane fit but with BS sized guns? Yummy!

The Galente one will be interesting as they are planing to re-balance blasters as well. This could mean we see a faster more heavy DPS ship that might actually be able to track something smaller than a damn supercap!

And of course the Amarr new BC will immediately be turned into a cheaper version of a sniper Zealot. I just hope they think of the capacitor on that one as my Abaddon has enough problems firing all it's guns for long periods of time let alone trying to squeeze them onto a damn BC.

Last thing that caught my attention in the upcoming expansion was pod killmails. Thank you CCP for doing this. I very rarely get podded these days and when I do I generally only have a PG4 implant in my head. I can not wait to see the amount of slave and crystal sets that get podded by me and my pirate brethren. No more 'ah that was clean clone neway' in local while crying in Corp you just lost your crystals! Stand up and be proud.

I know one thing... My ISK proficiency is about to soar!

Last fo is a personal message to CCP. Your doing well. People are starting to look upon your new direction and focus and see that you are making amends for past mistakes. This is now your ball game. We as a community are showing we are ready to embrace you again and give you another chance to really bring EvE online to the forefront of MMO gaming. DO NOT FUCK IT UP THIS TIME.

Ok that's it for tonight. 12 hours of work tomorrow and then back to running logistics in my Charon... Tell you what CCP, do something about this fucking ships warp speed and all sins are forgiven!

Fly dangerous o/


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