Thursday, 20 October 2011

Quick update time!

Just a quick note before bed.

I lost my Dramiel today to a Navy Hookbill. I could of taken him but also had the rats of his faction on me which did 63% of the total damage. Still a good fight though.

I send my heartfelt condolences to those being cut from CCP and do find it slightly disturbing that it seems to be the community team who worked so hard over the summer to try and reassure the EvE universe that CCP were still with us that will be let go. Goodluck guys but I know you will be fine as you guys are amazing and any company will be lucky to have you.

I will be following Jesters attempted blogging marathon as he attempts to blog up to 15 times a week. If he can keep his excellent standard up for all those posts I will crown him my new blogging master.

I will be attempting to fly with a new group of players over the next few weeks. I just need to sort out some logistics and then pew pew. Anyone got a Rhea I can borrow? Lol

I also recently noticed I have been removed from the blogpack so I have no idea who is reading this now but will continue to post about EvE and what's going On with Mail and Hannibal till the end.

I am really looking forward to the winter expansions which include pod killmails showing what the pilot had in the way of implants... AWSOME!

I guess if I was Jester I could of made each of these points into a blogpost of there own and I may return to some of these points tomorrow and expand.

Fly dangerous o/


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