Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A roam and a thought.

Ok so I will start of describing my first official roam with my new flying buddies, Outbreak.

About 3pm ET Ziggy caught me and told me of a semi planned roam for 7pm ET. I asked for ship types and he just shrugged at me and went AFK. Fair enough.

So at 7 I'm on comms and ready to go. Ship types are discussed and they decide on a Tengu/Recon roam. Mail doesn't fly a Tengu so that was out and they wanted combat recons rather than force... Of which I had none. Doh!

So I asked what they wanted me to fly and they wanted some inties as fast tackle. That I could do and to be honest since reading about the upcoming Dramiel nerd I want to fly my Dramiel as much as I can.

So off we went, Tengu's, Recons, Scimi's and tackle. A couple of jumps out we found a large gang being scouted by a Dramiel. We tried to catch the Dramiel in a bubble from our Sabre but he ran back to gate and the large Drake heavy gang he was with didn't seem all that interested in fighting us anyway. We reaches our first destination to find noone there and nothing to fight. We turned around and started heading towards HE'D-GP where we were sure we would be able to find a fight.

On the inbound gate was a small camp of a Hurricane, Vagabond, Sabre and a second Hurricane/ We jumped on in and while my colleague in his stiletto caught the Sabre I went for tackle on the Vagabond that was 100kn from the gate. I caught him in quick time and then prayed while the gang finished off the Sabre before switching to the Vaga and motoring I to range. Vaga went down and I had my first tackle/kill of the night.

The hurricane was next and was caught by the stiletto and I went into put a secondary point on the guy while the fleet warped to a near by planet and back at range to finish him off.

After the fun on the gate we headed to the sstation and watched a hugging proteus for a while before setting up 2 drag bubbles 80km off the station to try and catch anything cling towards us. A Hurricane thought he would be smart and warped to an old wreck 100km off the station but before he blew the wreck up I powered up my warp drive and caught him before getting the rest of the gang in to show him he wasn't so smart after all!

We stayed around the drag bubbles for a while and caught a Stabber who foolishly warped straight to station without bouncing off a planet first. Then the local residents started undocking an Abbadon gang and 2 Thanatos carriers and we decided we should leave them to it and head home. I was promoted to scout and led the way home without casualties. That was a really fun night and I look forward to repeating it shortly.

My break is up so I need to leave my thoughts on the new destroyer bonuses till later... Maybe tonight.

Fly dangerous o/


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