Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The return of the solo pvper

Two posts on the same day you guys are so spoilt (if anyone even reads this anymore with that damn virus warning)

So anyway my last entry was quite down hearted but this one is much more upbeat. First of I decided to go on another roam today, this time in my Dramiel. I also decided to head to an area that I have called home and still think of as my spiritual birth place, Ishomilken.

So I started out and couldn't find a decent fight in the 20+ jumps down to Isho so headed straight to one of my old favourite hunting areas, Mara.

On jumping into Mara I noticed a Hurricane on scan. I have fought Hurricanes in Dramials before and always come off very much dead. However I decided to take a look as he was in a belt with wrecks out.

Warping in I get the tackle on a neutral Hurricane and start bringing his shields down expecting to either get jumped or neuts to be slammed on me. Nothing happens accept he tries shooting me with 425ac's which miss me over and over again.I realise that my guns are doing very little against this guys shield and open a convo with him. I ask um for 50 million ISK ransom which he says he doesn't have so the fight gOSS on. Being so far from the rest of my Corp means I have no help to call in so when a Ferox comes on scan I ask him to come in and help me.

The Ferox pilot laughs at me and thinks I am baiting him to his doom... Good idea but I could really do with some help!

Then Htrag of Carebear Stare enters local. Now he is a very hostile red from a Corp I have had problems with in the past but I tell him in local where I am and in he comes to help me finish the Hurricane off. Big thanks go to Htrag of CBS on this one.

Looking at the killmail I realise why I couldn't do it alone. That is one tanky little Hurricane!!

After this fight I go back to Isho and find a ratting Catalyst and then chase a Rifter around till he dies in a ball of flame.

Then a Rifter opens a Cyno in Isho and I kill that in a old Drake I have had for about 2 years! I warp from the kill to a belt where a damn Rapier uncloaks and cyno's a Redeemer onto my ass, I manage to get the rapier into hull before I go pop!

Heading back out in my Dram I kill a Burst and log off with a good feeling, maybe lowsec isn't dead, maybe I just haven't been looking in the right place!

Fly dangerous o/


P.s sorry for not having any funny pictures at the moment. I'm blogging from my iPod touch while either on the toilet or in bed, only chance I get to squeeze one out... So to speak ;-) lol

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