Monday, 24 October 2011

Malware Warning

Hi everyone,

I think everyone who has come to this site in the last month or so on Firefox (and maybe Chrome) has been getting an attack warning.

I think I have now resolved this issue but need some people to verify this. Can everyone  who is reading this please open my blog in Firefox/Chrome/IE and whatever other browsers you guys use and let me know if it is all clear.

Post in comments please =)

EDIT: Since posting I have been playing around with the design and layout of the blog. Hope you like it.

I am planning to add a really cool banner later tonight after work. I hope it lives up to the Blog Pack standards =)

A couple of screenshots from the Thanatos kill last night...

Dead Thanatos
Fly dangerous o/



  1. I tested out this blog in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera: No malware warning for me.

  2. Your site finally works for me. Thanks

  3. Works good! I don't have to check it on school computers "Just in Case"

  4. So what exactly was causing the warning?

  5. Um honestly I'm still not all that sure. I got rid of a comment that had a link in it and purged my blog list of all inactive and old blogs and re-linked the blog pack.

    That seemed to do the trick. Luckily Rixx gave me some tips :)