Sunday, 23 October 2011

Logistics done, let the pew begin!

So this morning I was up nice and early to get the Charon freighter those last 20 jumps to where I was meeting a friend with a Rhea. Once there I started thinking of the easiest way to get into my new staging system in 0.0.

So I looked at the different possibilities on offer to a lowsec pirate like me. Obviously lowsec was a preference but 80+ jumps through lowsec was NOT going to happen. I also discounted trying to get through one of the five most dangerous systems of EvE HED-GP.

So what I was left with was a 36 jump journey with 4 lowsec and 16 0.0 jumps (the rest being high obviously).

I decided to do this in a Taranis. This is a good travel ship as the fast align speed can get you through even 1.0 systems without damage while it is still a combat ready ship able to take down anything I may decide to engage.

So off I went and got 6 jumps from my destination when I ran into a Sabre interdictor. Now I should explain that I have solo'd a Sabre before in a Ranis while in Sniggwaffe with Hannibal. Knowing this I engaged and got totally boned. I was in structure when he was in half shields and I just couldn't lay down the hurt quick enough. I also got podded so I was back where I started. 36 jumps to go... Again.

Fitting up another Ranis I decided to try a slightly different route and again only 8 jumps from the destination I hit a little snag and I was once again back in my station.

Ok now was time to stop thinking about potential fights and just get to my new home system.

Out came the Loki and I sent my alt to grab me the interdiction nullifier. I already had a spare covert ops subsystem. With these bolted on and a couple of nanofibers in the lows to help my warp align times I set out again.

This time I didn't hit anything and made it to D87. My friend passed me over my new fleet of ships and I started fitting up a ship of each class ready to get some pew on. It came faster than I thought.

I got on TS3 and announced my presence. There was a fleet one system out engaging a stabber fleet and a Hurricane. As I listened to the engagement I started fitting up one of 2 Hurricanes I brought with me. Then over comms I hear that a Thanatos has warped to the gate. I hear people talking about engaging so jump in the newly fitted up Hurricane and start x'ing up in comms for a fleet invite. Until I get the fleet invite I am running blind so start following a friendly Tempest, hoping to God he's going where I want to go.

Two jumps out and I land on the fight with my new friends and fall straight into the PVP zone with drones out, orbit set and guns ablaze.

The Thanatos is tanking us until he starts having cap management problems... Not to mention we bring in a Capital ship of our own.

With reports of 100 man fleets coming in from all over the place we all know we have to kill this guy and get the hell out. He starts going into low armour and you can tell his cap is all but gone. As he hits structure he activates the self destruct and logs off. We take the Thanatos down before the 2 minutes are up but can't get the pod as it insta warps.

To loot the wreck we need haulers so the rest of us are on guard duty while they come in and start grabbing the loot for us.

So all in all an eventful day and a good introduction to the Corp I am on trial with. First kill a capital ship. I wasn't even in system for 30 minutes when that came up... This could be fun.

Fly dangerous o/


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