Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Doing what we do best.

Hit and run tactics.So a couple of days ago I went on a 39 jump roam with a couple of corpies down from Ami to Ishomilken, the spiritual home of Fla5hy Red and The Defenders of Pen Island.

We found nothing to shoot except a Hurricane who had neuts and friends. We lost 2 of our 5 frigates in this fight but carried on to Isho. 39 jumps and nothing. Great.

Anyway the next day I had to work so coupldn't get back to Ami and this is where the story starts.

I log on and find a Fla5hy fleet of BC's with Falcon support out on a roam. I realise that I am still in Isho and that I have no way of getting back to Ami quickly. So... I decide to pod myself.

Not a big issue as I haven't got any implants in this clone. So I check my clone is up to date and initiast self destruct. 2 minustes later and I am in... Eggelhende. WTF?!

I must of forgot to change my home system. What a failure.

At this time the fleet are telling me to hurry the fuck up and get into my double web Loki as the need web support. Only one thing for it. Upgrade my clone, CHANGE STATION and self destruct again.

So now I am in Ami and in my double web Loki 'Falkor' and race off to meet the gang.

Our destination is Gondista and off we go with a scout out ahead.

We find nothing on the way there to play with but thwen we get to Gondista we find a gang on the high-sec gate.

Raven, Devoter, couple of Hurricanes, Myrm, Abaddon, Brutix and a Rapier. We sit on the in gate for a minute deciding on what primaries will be for the Falcon and the DPS.

We have 2 Hurricanes, Brutix, Harbinger, Falcon, Loki so we are out numbered and outshipped but decide that with the Falcon it would be pretty even.

The falcon goes in and cloaks 50km off the camping fleet who are sitting on the gate. They are red so for once we don't need to worry about the blasted gate guns.

We all jump and start to warp to the out gate. It's a 100+ Au warp and if the othe rgang are quick they should be able to get away.

We land and I lock up the Raven but as I don't have a point on the ship I don't activate and mods on him. If I had webbed him he would of insta warped if one of my gang didn't already have point.

Doesn't matter anyway cause we don't get point on the Raven but do get point on 2 Hurricanes and a Brutix.

My webs are faction so I sit 30km from the fight locking down the primary and shooting barrage out of my 220mm Ac's.

1st Hurricane is down so we switch to the other and he goes down too. The enemy Brutix is completely useless in this fight. Our fleet is keeping range. somewhere around 20 km for the 'Canes and Harby, 30km for me in the Loki and 50km for the Falcon. Easily keeping out of a slow blaster boats range.

2nd Hurricane down and we quickly dispatch the Brutix and go to a safe.

Now our scout is looking at the gate we need to use to go back to Ami and his reports are starting to worry us. The gang we just fought are now massing a gate camp there to catch us and they are serious. We're talking Raven, 5 x Abbadon, Armageddon, Megathron, Devoter and a number of Battlecruisers.

We strike up a conversation and our FC decides to use a ruse to clear the out gate. The other gang have offered us a 5v5 BC fight. Our FC agrees but does not intend to go through with it. Our scout c#keeps watch on the gate and lo'and behold they warp of gate to swicth ships and argue about who is going to take part!

We wave in local and make our tactical retreat.

Now you may think that we were a bit cowadly there but I would disagree. We took on a vastly supierior fleet on a gate and got 3 kills to no losses. We were in thier home system so we could not garuntee a fair fight and they can tailor thier gang to defeat ours as they have prior knowledge of our ship. They could of fought us on gate but didn't and then we tricked them to get them off our escape gate.

We made our way home and started playing with a Abaddon and Drake that were playing docking games on our station. Nothing came of this and we were about to get bored when an Arazu undocks. We target and shoot it. Get him to about half armor when suddenly a cyno goes up and 15+ BS and BC fall on top of us from a Titan bridge. And yes, it is the corp from earlier and friends.

Yikes! 'Scatter' is called and we all start burning out. My Loki gets out without a problem but we lose a Hurricane and a Brutix.

Now if I was FC of that gang I would of primaried my T3 as the most expensive ship and made sure points were spread but what ever.

Fail FCing is Fail.

So lets look at the score shall we?

- We took a small gang to thier home system and managed 3 BC kills.

- They titan bridged a BS heavy gang onto our small fleet and managed 2 BC kills.

We are still 1 kill ahead at my count so bring on the next fights. Least we know they have a Titan now...

Fly Dangerous o/


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