Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fla5hy Red Needs EU players!

Evening all.

So this is the first blog in a while and I just want to say, that if your reading this, thanks for coming back after such a long absence!!

Right so onto business. Fla5hy Red has expanded greatly in the last few weeks but only in the US timezone. Big up to our US directors for being on the ball with that.

Now it's my turn and while I've got nothing against the yanks, it would be nice to get some more action in the EU time zone... IE my bloody time zone!

So if you/are:

- Thinking of trying low sec PVP/Piracy
- Over 10 mil SP (Exceptions could be made, please still apply if under this and fit rest of the criteria)
- Enjoy logging on, fleeting up and roaming around to find kills.
- Experienced in small gang PVP or willing to learn
- Able to use Teamspeak and have a working mic.
- Want to learn 'nano faggotry' ship tactics
- A good laugh in fleet, on comms and in local.

We have a great atmosphere, some good friends and are looking to become THE premier low-sec PVP piracy corp in New Eden.

To become part of this apply on our forums here

Ok thats business taken care of.

Now then I want to quickly mention a pilot by the name of Logan Ortese. This guy is/was a reader of this blog and obviously enjoyed it...

[16:49:22] Logan Ortese; Nice Blog Mail Lite.
[16:49:28] Mail Lite; thanks mate =)
[16:49:34] Mail Lite; Will be restarting it soon.
[16:49:36] Mail Lite; stay tuned
[16:49:44] Logan Ortese; loved the funny pictures
[16:50:19] Logan Ortese; Fly Safe c ya around

Excellent, I love a bit of fan mail and will always acknowledge in local if possible and I'm not AFK however this is the first time I managed to pop my fan 15 minutes later!

First off though, I was in my Jaguar (Rusty Cock) just roaming around solo looking for my first kill of the new 'season'. I landed on a gate to find a Myrmidon had also just landed. The pilot is a well known moron of the area so I just sat there and let him engage. As he did I jumped through and reaproached while seeing if anyone was awake in TS.

Paydirt. Ollie and Fo' were both alive (out of the 7 on TS...) and on thier way. Fo' had a session timer so would be lagging but Ollie was enroute in his new toy... the Loki.

So the Myrm jumped through and I let hiom get me to half shields before jumping back and reaproaching yet again. I waited and he jumped back and again engaged and I again jump back only this time Ollie was also thier waiting and Fo' and his hurricane were on the way too.

I asked the question to Ollie 'Thats a double web Loki right?' and got a bad response. 'No mate, just the one'

Shit. I hoped Fo' would get there but I wouldn't bet on him having a web on the Hurricane. Myrm jumps back through and lo and behold burns straight to gate, jumps and warps on the other side.

That was a fail. If we had the double web Loki it would of been one dead Myrm. *Sad Face*

So we start heading back Fo' ahead me in the middle and Ollie behind when I notice my fan from earlier, Logan Ortese, jump with me into the next system in a Wreathe. I start aproaching and the Wreathe cloaks. I carry on the approach manually and get the hero uncloak!

Scrammed and overloaded guns, plus a little help from Ollie and thats the first kill of my season and I am off the starter blocks.

Watch out New Eden. Mail Lite is back and is ready for blood.

Fly Dangerous o/


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