Monday, 9 May 2011

Fun roams with new friends.

I say 'new friends' but I know that some of the Defenders of Pen Island have been friendly and flying with Shadow Cartel for some time. However it has only just become something that I have started to do and I have to admit I enjoy it.

So last night I log on and Helicity Bosun says 'Mail shield roam with shadow in 45 mins, u coming?'

I look at my ships and start thinking of what I would take to such a roam. My eye light up when I see the two Loki hulls I have fitted up recently and tell Heli I will be there.

I do a quick refit, changing the MWD for an AB and the point for a Invul. I knew that it would be unlikely that we would set off without dedictaed tackle so I felt good sacrificing the point for a bit of extra tank. But i wimp out in taking the faction web Loki i own and instead used my T2 fit one. I know... Wimp right?

I give my ship to our carrier pilot to jump it over to Shadow's home system and start making my way over in a Taranis. 18 jumps I might even find something to kill on the way.

I start off and find nothing till i realise I am chasing a FW Slicer gate after gate. So when I finally catch up with him I ask him for a 1v1 and start orbiting him nice and close on the gate waiting for him to engage.

He refuses but then a pilot from another faction comes through in a Wolf and they start the fight. I'm a bit slow to whore on the Slicer KM and the Wolf pilot doesn't want to fight me =(

So i make it to Shadow's home system Goinard. Easily one of the best EvE System names... Go In 'Ard... get it? Eh...

Anyway we get a Bs heavy fleet together with some lighter stuff and reps and we head out and scout out a small gatecamp in Mannar and send some tackle and bait through. They engage and we jump the rest of the fleet in. Our main target, an Absolution command ship, manages to warp away but we take out a Ferox and Hurricane.

We then continue on and find a very heavy BC gang in on of the systems up the same pipe. they obviously have eyes on our bigger BS heavy fleet and scatter before we can tackle anything.

A Carrier is undocked from one of the stations in the next system so we send Jawmare and a couple of other Tempests to try and bump the guy off station. Jawmare is engaged by the carrier and somehow gets popped by it! Much *Facepalm* ensues and then *facedesks* when the KM is linked... Um Jaw I think you forgot your rigs, just saying!

A Manticore decides to try and lol kill some of our gang while we are waiting on the gate for FC to scout some people out and gets popped for it's trouble. Not sure what that pilot was thinking but what ever.

We then play some station games with a couple of Machariels but we got real bored real fast so started scouting a B A N E fleet in Amamake. Wowbagger sends in some cloaky tackle but somehow they all get uncloaked and the main bulk of the other fleet warps off. However this Hurricane is a bit slow and gets taken out.

Wish we could of got more of the B A N E fleet as we have some history with those guys and it's always nice to blob the blobbers lol.

So we start out again and find a Geddon and Apoc Navy sitting on a station. We send through some bait and the Geddon agresses so we put the rest of the fleet in and pop him. We then start on the unagressed Apoc Navy but he docks. To bad.

Same system we find a Abaddon on the other station and go in to make him dock.

He just sits there with combined DPS of our fleet hitting him. He goes into low armor and we're all loling at his repair bill, waiting for him to dock.

Nope he no dock. He pops just sitting on station and we get his pod too. WTF? AFK Abaddon? WTF FACTION FIT AFK ABADDON?! A 1.7 BILLION ISK AFK FACTION FIT ABADDON!

Much lols were had at this point.

We warp to the out gate and a Wolf comes in so we pop that and get this in local from the Wolf pilot.

[ 2011.05.08 21:53:13 ] Ishuk0ne > noobs.

We wait for our scouts to report. Drake and Gila on the next gate. We agress the Drake and put a tackler on the other side to make sure we don't lose them. They both jump through and the Gila is pointed and popped but the Drake gets away.

We start to head down to Tama to get a good fight and find a FW fleet on a high sec gate. We jump into it and they all start jumping out. We manage to grab a Hurricane before he gets out but everyone else jumps back to high sec.

I have to leave at this point so thank the FC and reppers for a good night and go to bed. Looking at the KB this morning it looks like I didn't miss much, they mangaed to catch 2 more of the FW Hurricanes in Tama but thats about all.

All in all a nice little fleet action. Too bad we didn't find any other fleets to engage but we all had a bit of fun and managed to pop some good stuff.

The last word goes to Trenny Jr, who for some reason decided to put a AB on his Tempest instead of a MWD and admitted to this when he was trying to bump the Carrier

[20:16:54] trenny jr > I IS GUD AT THIS GAME

No Trenny... your really not! Lol

Fly dangerous o/


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  1. he he he sounds like you having a blast mail :)