Friday, 19 August 2011

Jaguar Vs Harbinger

Hey guys and girls!

So I decided to take a run up to the system of New Eden. This is about 13 jumps from wheLinkre I am living at the moment and thought I might as well while I am in the area and got nothing going on.

So I jump into my Jaguar 'Rusty Cock' and head on up, looking for fights on the way.

I find a few big stuff floating around, A Hurricane doing a mission, a Raven warping between gates and a couple of carriers on stations but nothing that I could really get my little Assault Frigates' teeth into.

I make it to the system of New Eden without finding any fights so I take a screen shot (below) and float around for a minute to see if the Prophecy on scan is interested in coming to have a look at my Jag. No go and he's in a safe so I decide to head back.

Stopping on the way home I dock and go for a quick Bio-break and a smoke.

Coming back I undock and find a Harbinger outside the station. He lets go a flight of T2 Hammerheads and starts locking me. Interested, I decide to orbit him at 500 and see if he will engage me.

At this moment I am thinking through the pro's and cons of having a fight here.

So it was about 50-50% on whether to go for it when in local he asks me to 1v1 no outside interference. That negates the alliance mates and friends IF he is faithful to his word.

He engages his point but doesn't activate a web so I start feeling pretty confident. I target his drones while keeping a tight orbit to the Harbinger with my TD working overtime to keep him from getting any lucky hits. Drones 1-5 go down in just under 3 minutes and only having 50m3 of space in the drone bay I know that he is out of drones.

So now I start in on the Harby and chew through his shield while my tank is stayting steady at 40% shield. Then i hit armor and damage basically stops. He is armor tanked with a repper. He is easily tanking my damage while I speed tank/TD to negate his incoming damage.


The fight itself lasted about 9 minutes. 3 minutes on the drones, 2 minutes to get his shield down and 4 minute hammering my head against his armor tank.

After this we both sort of just said 'GF', I gave him some pointer on being fit for anti-frig and he told me that normally he flies in a fleet and this would be his first 1v1 with a real PVP'er.

So Assault Frig Vs Battlecruiser? Apart from not having enough DPS to break a tank it really does depend on how the BC is fit.

If he had had a web and 2 flights of light drones he probably would of one easily. Because he had medium drones (shit tracking) and no web I managed to keep a high speed orbit and tank both him and his drones.

I would also use this same Jaguar against a Brutix. Blasters have really bad tracking and I would happily fight one if I could garuntee it didn't have a web (IE Shield Brutix)

Anyway that was fun. I like taking on bigger prey in smaller ships when possible.

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Fly Dangerous o/


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  1. Nice engagement!

    I know how you feel, I once up-engaged a HAMDraek in my Ishkur, all he had (supposedly) were rage missiles so I was taking almost no damage but I just couldn't break past his peak recharge, and he couldn't kill my drones or my ship so we just broke off and went our ways. I think I still have that Ishkur, that needs to die soon.