Sunday, 6 November 2011

Where is Mail going??

So I'm not going to be joining 0utbreak and I have asked the same friend who jumped me into D87 if he would mind awfuly jumping me back out. Luckily he's a very good friend and said no problem.

So I am waiting in the drop off system for the Jump Freighter before moving it all to a new staging area for another Jump Freighter back into Null.

Where am I going?

Well... I looked around and asked some people and checked out some forums. I wrote an app to Shadow Cartel where Helicity is currently flying and nearly posted it before realising that I'm not bored of flying with Fla5hy Red... I'm a bit bored of Low-Sec itself.

And I think thats something to do with the mechanics of EvE online itself, namely gateguns and GGC.

These 2 mechanics make blobbing in lowsec a better tactic. Why? Well it's to do with sharing gate gun agression. If there are say 3 or 4 of you in shield/nano Battlecruisers and start engaging on gates your soon going to have problems with your tank especially if your targets point and fight back. With more people, say 20-30 all going GCC at the same time on the gate, means by the time the guns have cycled through your fleet members your tank has had time to recharge (unless your a gategun magnet). Aso in fleets of this side your normally alpha'ing stuff off the field so engagements are quicker and Gate Gun aggression isn't as much of an issue.

In Null these things disapear and the art of solo and small fast gangs can be refined. I know there are blobs out there and I know I will probably die to one in the near future. I also know that there are small fleets, soloing and fun times to be had in Null.

So I stopped looking into the low-sec side of things, after thinking about Shadow Cartel, Tuskers, Bastards and the other corps out there that I respect, and started thinking, who in Null I could see myself flying with.

0utbreak, I tried and failed, fair enough. the reasons were trivial in honesty and as someone who has been recruiting people for a while I think a little too trivial but thats cool. I will try them again someday I am sure.

I didn't want big blobs, I hate big blobs unless it's for specific targets. I classify anything of 35 or more as a big blob. That counted out alliances like Darkside. and -Razor-

So I started thinking about it and then I started looking around in game and on the forums at Rote Kapelle. What made me think of this was that one of my main commenters on the blog here is Logan Fyreite and he has a good blog and is also a member of Rote Kapelle.

I also remembered that Ripard Teg at Jester's Trek was a new member of Rote as well. I started reading up on Rote and joining some public channels until I ran into Chaos Dreams of Creative Cookie Procurement (GIRL.). I started a convo which turned into an interview which turned into an application and an EvE mail to Tsumei Meyren the CEO.

In less than 18 hours my application to [GIRL.] will be accepted and a new era both for me ingame and for this blog will start. I will be continuing to post as normal but from a new perspective. I am happy and excited about this new prospect and the pew which will ensue!

To my Fla5hy Red boys, I love you and will continue to watch you from afar. I am around in public channels and will have a JC where you are stationed. I will come back and pew now and again if you will have me. I have had a blast and will always treasure the time I spent with you, both the TGA oldies and Fla5hy Red newbies. 

I'm not looking forward to moving my fleet in a Freighter again though!!! I hate Charons's... And don't worry Hattori... Noone from Fla5hy is lending it to me... Lol!

Fly dangerous o/



  1. RK is a good bunch and I think you'll enjoy your time there. Best of luck to you.

  2. Rote is definatly good guys, they know their stuff and they do it well. Some of our best fights has been against them. There is a reason we have them as one of three alliances set red.

  3. Good to hear that we will be giving Rote a try, like I said to Rixx and everyone else, Rote isn't for everyone, but for those who like it, there's no place better. Just make sure to read the Logistics part of the forums to get your stuff moved in safely! Look forward to seeing you in space. Until then; good hunting.

  4. It's been a privilege to fly with you Buddy. I wish you all the luck in the world on your new endeavor. You'll always have friends in Fla5hy.

    Fly dangerous mate.