Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Trial period in review

Evening o/

So most of you know that I have been flying with a different gang recently and have been 'on trial' with them so to speak. I still haven't had a yay or nay so I have decided to review myself since being in the Curse Region.

First off, ships killed since Sunday 23rd October 2011:

1. Thantos (Fleet)
2. Badger MKII (Solo)
3. Rifter (Solo)
4. Dramiel (Fleet)
5. Vagabond (Fleet)
6. Dramiel (Fleet)
7. Hurricane (Fleet)
8. Hurricane (Fleet)
9. Stabber (Fleet)
10. Drake (Fleet)
11. Scorpion (Fleet)
12.Kestrel (Fleet)
13. Curse (Fleet)
14. Tengu (Fleet)
15. Crusader (Solo)
16. Flycatcher (Fleet)

Thats 16 kills, 13 while in fleets and 3 solo kills. Also have 2 noobship kills and 5 capsules which I have not included.

My losses are:

1. Taranis (Solo)
2. Taranis (Solo)
3. Jaguar (Solo)

So I haven't lost anything while in fleet with 0utbreak yet, which is a good sign.

So lets look at the numbers.

I have lost two Interceptors and one Assault Frigate. This amounts to 70,267400 ISK lost for me personally over the last 10 days.

However in the last 10 days I have taken part in kills totalling a massive 3,566,748,790 ISK destroyed. No matter how you look at it, it's a good number.

I am finally enjoying Null Sec PVP. I tried the big blocs (Razor, Sniggwaffe, Defi4nt) but now have found a good small gang PVP corp that do exactly what it says on the tin and do it WELL!

I am looking forward to getting into the game later this evening and pewing some more.

Fly dangerous o/


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