Friday, 18 November 2011

The questions.

Good evening people!

Over the last week or so I have had a question out there in the blogging universe. I EvE mailed every writer from the blog pack(1) and asked them 2 very simple questions.

"1. If you could only fly one race for the rest of your EvE career which race would you chose and why?

2. What is your favorite *looking* ship in EvE? It does not have to be combat effective or usefull in any way... just asteticly pleasing. (Mine is the Gallente Shuttle for instance)"

I then posted the same 2 questions on the forums of 0utbreak, Rote Kapelle and Fla5hy Red.

So I have been getting EvE mails and been checking the forums and got a good response from everyone, over 60 replies to this little questionaire found their way into my little notepad of doom(tm) And I can now reveal the results.

I am going to talk about the results, starting with the last place and working to the first place winner. I will be adding my opinions.

Gallente came last with a disappointing 3 votes. Your either sitting at range with drones and rails doing very little to help the gang due to laughable DPS or trying to motor into close range while being annoyingly kited by other ships. There is very little versatility in Gallente and I think that this is the reason it has come last in this vote.

Caldari came in next with 5 votes and I think I know why. Who has NOT been jammed by 'that fucking Falcon' while out in gang? Anyone?  Didn't think so. The people who like Caldari are generally spec'd to fly Falcons and Tengus as the be-all and end-all of EvE. And to be honest... most people have an alt or main who flies a Falcon. Hell, Hannibal is a 'Falcon alt' but I very rarely use him in such a capacity. Caldari do 2 things very well. They can fling missiles at range and they have good EWAR.  Again, as with Gallente, they have very little versatility.

Next we have 2nd place Amarr with 17 votes. The Amarr have a good ship in every catagory in my oppinion and can be used in a variety of roles. Guardians are the Armor Reps of choice for all armor fleets (bar triage carriers) they have arguably the best combat recon of the 4 with the Curse and the best HAC in the Zeaolt that can be utilised in either shield nano, sniper or armor gangs. They have a solid battlecruiser in the Harbinger and all of the Amarr battleships are good in thier own way. Shield? Sniper? Armor? DPS? Recon? HAC? Bigger shit? The Amarr have all the bases covered. Beams and limited damage range are where the Amarr is let down. If an amarr fleet came up against a gang with high EM resistance... game over.

First place, obviously is Minmitar with a whopping 38 votes, the sheer vesatility and ships available to the Minmitar is outstanding. The Hurricane can be tanked to whichever version the FC asks for and can fit either AC's for in the face melting or Artilary for sheer first strike alpha. The Small ships of this race include the PVP favorite the Rifter. Nearly every pirate or PVP'er in EvE can trace his roots back to the humble Rifter.

My first kill was in a Rifter and I killed a Retriever mining in Aurohen.

The Rupture is a PVP beast and can, again be fit for 'in the face' armor brawling or kiting shield DPS. Then you come to the Vagabond, Munin, Broadsword, Stabber Fleet all of which are great ships with different fits for different roles. The Rapier, though arguably not the best recon, definetly has it's place with those long range webs holding stuff down. The Battleships of the Minmitar can again be held up as shining examples of versatility.

Am I suprised by this outcome? Hell no, I would of chosen Minmitar myself!

Honourable mention must go to Capt Red and Lt Rook of 0utbreak. For thier answers they went for 'Jovian' and 'Angel Cartel' respectively.

Jovian is an interesting idea and, with an nod to Rixx over at Eveoganda, the question came up 'would you chose to forsake all other races at 100mil SP to fly nothing but Jovian from then on?' Personally, I think it would depend on the ships and versatility that they offer. Versatility is a huge thing in EvE and I would have to think hard before making such a choice. 0utbreak was likewise split by the question. Something to come back to sometime? Maybe.

Angel Cartel ships huh? That would mean you could fly... The Dramiel, Daredevil, Fury, Cynabal and Machariel. Thats it right? Interesting as the 'cookie cutter' fits for these ships are all shield IIRC and doesn't really fit into the versatility arguement... maybe that why it only got 1 vote!

This is already a very long post so I will announce the 'best looking ship in EvE' tomorrow morning. If you wish to have your say on the best looking ship I will take comments on this post into account when announcing tomorrow.

CONFESSION: I think I may have squewed the results slightly to cause this outcome.

I am an EvE player that is dedicated to PVP. I don't do any carebear stuff (unless hauling PVP ships counts) and when I have done it in the past I have been very, very bored.

I am not in contact with any pure PVE players in EvE anymore so the questions were asked to PVP players and this showed in the results with Minmitar being arguably the 'best' all round PVP race.

Would this result change if I asked 60 pure carebear players? I think it might... What do you think?

Fly dangerous o/


(1) All the blog pack members I could find anyway! If you didn't get an EvE mail it's because you don't advertise your ingame character!

P.S Exciting things in the works for Blog Pack members and readers! Stay tuned!


  1. If you asked 60 PVE'ers, I can almost guarantee you'd get a predominantly Caldari answer. Drakes...just Drakes.

  2. Seeing as I didn't get back to your ingame mail in time, I thought I'd do a quick reply here so I can contribute to your post in one way or another.

    1. If you could only fly one race for the rest of your EvE career which race would you chose and why?

    I think this would almost certainly be Minmatar. I love so many things about them, starting with the RP which was what made me make a Brutor in the first place and going through to the flexibility of their ships. As a small gang and solo pilot they fill the ship roles that I am looking for wonderfully. They combine the speed, damage, and range required for the skirmishing warfare that I engage in.

    I have been developing a steady enjoyment of Gallente ships as well lately. Even before the boost the blaster frigates were a lot of fun to fly and now they are just deadly. Don't think they'll ever stop me flying my beloved Wolf, though.

    2. What is your favorite *looking* ship in EvE? It does not have to be combat effective or usefull in any way... just asteticly pleasing. (Mine is the Gallente Shuttle for instance)

    Maybe just because I've spent so long staring at them, but I do really like the Rifter hull. It just says everything about the Minmatar that it should. That said, the Dramiel's sleek lines are beautiful and if I didn't hate everything it (used to) stands for then I would probably name it as the best looking. They certainly make nice explosions :P

  3. Dude, hope everything is alright. Looking forward to your next post!