Friday, 4 November 2011

0utbreak Trial Over

Hey everyone,

So I had a great time out in Null with 0utbreak but unfortuantley it has come to nothing. I thought I would give you the final count of my time out in the Curse region.

With the 16 kills from last time I added another 8 kills on Wednesday evening and 7 kills on Thursday night bringing my total up to 31 kills in the 12 days I was out there.

I want to thank 0utbreak for having me and hope that in time I can come fly with you guys again.

I am now on the hunt for another corp that could fulfill my PVP needs. If anyone has any idea's please leave a comment or EvE Mail me in game.

Fly Dangerous o/



  1. Sucks they didn't let you in, they are missing out :)

    What are your requirements for a corp, TZ/Fleet size etc, roaming vs camping. I will keep a look out for people recruiting if you let me know.

  2. Honestly mate as long as it's active and EU i don't really mind what it is. I'm thinking I want to move to null but not a big blob Corp or alliance.

  3. Well to be honest, you might want to look into Rote Kapelle now. Veto (with a larger EU member base) has moved up to TXW with us, and have augmented our numbers during the EUTZ, gangs that are going out are now around 10-15 pilots in that TZ and 15-35 in USTZ. I think Girl. is recruiting right now, as is FORVA. Otherwise, Black Legion might be a good place, they seem to be active across all TZ's.

  4. You know what, just before I read this I started convo's with Tsumei and Chaos of Girl. and sent in my app LOL! Fly with you soon Logan!