Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A petition to CPP

This is a petition I sent to CCP just before down time.
"Hi guys,

I just recieved a courier contract and 3 Hurricanes and a Vaga are missing from it. Here is what happened leading up to this.

I bought the Hurricanes and Vagabond from Amarr VIII station on my frieghter alt, Theknownkillu. He bought about 1,3 bil of ships and mods as I am starting PVP in a new area.

I put everything I bought into a General frieght container, apart from 3 Drakes which wouldn't fit.

The total in the container came to 107k m3.

I then threw this into my Charon and took it to Osmeden. I then contracted it to my main. Mail Lite.

This is where it gets confusing...

I tried to then contract the load to Chayni but realised I already had another contract outstanding on Mail Lite so had to cancel the outstanding one to Lady Aero and recontract the load in question to my alt Hannibal Vexor who then contracted it to Chayni, who was bringing it in by jump freighter.

Mail then recontracted the cancelled contract to Lady Aero.

The courier contract was completed which means the package was not broken.
I have checked the assets of all my charcters and can't find my ships anywhere. Plus I would not of been able to open the container with either Mail or Hahnibal as both were in TXW-EI and using the asset window to create the contracts from Osmeden.

Please can I have my bloody ships back.


Yeah so... When the contract was completed and Hannibal had it in station the container I only had 67k m3 instead of 107k m3 of the 120k m3 the can can accomadat.

I haven't got out with Rote yet but I now have atleast 'some' of my ships in. I'll be making safes and scouting around in a Dramiel for a little while, just to get used to the area and stuff.

Looking forward to joining up with some Rote fleets soon.

I will keep you updated with the petition... lets see if CCP customer service works.

Fly dangerous o/

EDIT: What the FUCK! I have logged back in after downtime and found my ships sitting snug in Hannibal Vexor's ship bay in TXW!

I swear to GOD they weren't there 30 minutes ago... I love EvE...


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  1. I've actually had this happen to me a few times when moving large amounts and contracting back and forth between characters. An entire load of ships from my Carrier disappeared and then re-appeared a few weeks back after logging out and back. Good to hear that's all it was.