Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A couple of kills and a bug.

Hi everyone,

So I was out yesterday evening so got my EvE time during the day. This is both good and bad.

It's good because I get to go out solo and experiment with things without having to turn down fleets and stuff.

It's bad because you don't have anyone to chat to or generally arse around with because most normal people are at work and don't get online till later in the day.

So I launched my Dramiel (of course) and headed into K-B where I know 0utbreak have a warp disruption bubble and I thought I would camp it for a little while on my own, creating a nice warp in 180km from the bubble and 200km from the gate. It was slow going and I could of probably roamed around a bit but was feeling lazy.

I caught a Reaper on the bubble and blew him to bits. I always think it's worth killing newb ships... especially in Null as you never know if they are carrying a shiney mod or something. I carried on camping and saw a Dramiel on scan. Seconds later he landed in my bubble and I went down for the fight.

We both engaged our scrams at the same time and started the slow dance of death, I think it was about 50-50 in damage... Until a Cynabal Pirate Cruiser suddenly appears and we both disengaged and started motoring away. The Cynabal took some pot shots at me from (what I thought) was 60km away.

Now this is where the BUG comes in. A couple of times over the last few days, and then again with this Cynabal the distance and speed part of the overview stops working. So the Cynabal which was showing as 60km from my Dramiel doing 5m/s on the overview was actually doing over 2km/s and was 16km from my Dramiel and had me pointed. Fuck!

I burnt away from the Cynabal in the opposite direction to the other Dramiel and managed to warp out in 16% structure. Gf's were offered in local and a bit of friendly banter ensued.

After repairing and challenging the Dramiel pilot to a 1v1 in my Jaguar, which he refused, I jump back into K-B and go back to my ninja spot. A few minutes later a Crusader Amarr Interceptor appears on scan and moments later lands in my bubble.

I warp to the Reaper wreck (which I had left there as a convienent 'warp to' point) and engage the Crusader. He first tries to run for the gate but soon realises he won't make it so engages. It is a close fight as I accidently orbit at 500m with Barage loaded but remedy that mistake and take the Crusader out.

While we have been fighting a Kestrel has warped to the gate 50km or so away and starts burning towards where I am now looting the Crusader wreck. I am in deep armor (in a shield tanker) but decide to try my luck against the Kestrel.

I orbit close with my AB on to try and minimilise incoming damage from the guys rockets. As I bleed into structure the Kessie is still at 20% shields so I disengage and tacitically retreat (read: run screaming like a girl) out of range and into warp. I have again survived, this time at 38% structure. I hang out for a bit and wait for my shields to repair themselves.

I head back to my spot to find the Kessie pilot has disapeared and a Flycatcher is in the middle of tacking down a Manticore. I think about making a run back to D87 and repairing before coming back to try and take out the Flycatcher myself, then I look in the 0utbreak channel and see Ziggy is online.

I tell him what is going on and he jumps into a Cynabal to back me up against the Interdictor who is now off the gate looking at some wrecks.

At this point I have full shields but no armor and 38% structure remaining. I wait for Ziggy and when he lands on gate I warp to the wreck the Flycather is closest to and get point and start engaging... and he starts to melt. Ziggy gets one shot off on him but otherwise it's a solo kill. I finish the engagement with 70% shields. I didn't know Flycatchers were so squidgy. I will definelty be marking those down in the 'solo'ble' column!

I hung around for a little longer but 30+ man fleets started rolling through K-B and D87 so I decided to call it a night and start getting ready to go out. All in all... A good day in my book.

Fly dangerous o/


P.S Only 54 shopping days till Christmas!!

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