Friday, 21 March 2014

This guys has issues of Titan-ic proportions!

Mara Morai member of Blue Fire, a well known wormhole corp, decided to buy a pretty rare ship at 20:13 EvE time this evening. A Ragnorak Minmatar Titan.

He did the deal fair and square using Chribba as a middle man. He got the Titan out of system and Chribba sent this ISK to the selling character as is the normal procedure.

Unfortunately for Mara Morai what is unusual about the deal is what happened at 20:14 - 20:17 EvE time.

[2014.03.21 20:13:11] Chribba > cyno confirmed, sending ISK to ***
From SC comms:
[2014.03.21 20:14:25] ***** > Titan tackled, everyone in *****’s fleet right now

And then at 20:17 this killmail appeared:

How did this happen? 

As far as I am aware my alliance had a neutral alt in the system with a HIC, knowing that the system is fairly well traveled by certain pilots in New Eden. Unfortunately for Mara, the titan pilot, he decided to use this as a mid point to complete the sale of his new, and very expensive, ship. 

Basically put we were in the right place at the right time to catch this very big fish.

Unfortunately for me, I was spending some time with the misses as this went down so wasn't directly involved. Still it's great for alliance moral and well played to our neutral HIC pilot and the rest of fleet for forming up so quickly.

P.S Yes i went out solo today in my Vexor, managed a good 1v1 with this vexor of ONI industry before going down to a small gate camp by WINMATAR, who by the way don't actually seem to be winning at the moment!

Hope to get some more solo action to actually blog aboout soon, and hopefully even a few videos!

Fly dangerous o/


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