Friday, 21 March 2014

Blog Banter 54

Heroes in EvE online is a bit of an oxymoron as far as I am concerned.

In EvE everything you do or can do is for personal gain, whether it's ISK or Killmails.

My heroes may not be heroes to anyone else, in fact to some they may be the scum of the earth.

They are the Logi pilots who keep our DPS on the field when engaged in combat, they are the fleet
commanders who put their time into making sure that the rest of us enjoy our time playing EvE and they are the people that, when you need help because you have a ship tackled that you can't kill come and give you a hand or come save your sorry ass because your getting out blobbed! They are also the transport pilots who keep me in ships from Jita because I'm so naughty I'm not allowed in civilized space.
My heroes are my corp and alliance mates, past and present. From TBRA all the way through to Shadow Cartel. My wingmen and my friends, heroes all. I would not have had the awesome experiences I have had in EvE without them.

That's not to say I don't look at others and think what they are doing in EvE is unworthy of being called heroes but they don't impact me. Chribba or The Mittani or even Brave Newbies who take in new player and help them understand a very complex game. These people have their places in EvE and I salute them, but they aren't 'MY' heroes, they may be someones but not mine.

So o7 to all my alliance mates past and present, you are all my heroes.

Fly dangerous o/


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