Monday, 24 March 2014

Onne event 23/03

Hi everyone,

Last night an even went down for the second time in consecutive weeks where a Carrier is dropped in the system of Onne and people far and wide come and shoot at it.

This event is funded by Gajin Sensei, an EvE player of note who has in the past left EvE with a bang losing an Abaddon costing more than 40 billion ISK. He makes a lot of money in EvE through market manipulations and enjoys using his ISK to make EvE fun for everyone.

This is his latest way of enjoying EvE his way.

So last week Shadow Cartel formed up an Ishtar gang and when we got on field we started plinking away at everything and everyone. It was great fun but there were a lot of battleships on the field and some other large stuff including a couple of neutral dreads. 

Last week we were convo'd by one of our frienemies in his own fleet and we started coordinating primary targets. The results was that we held the field.

Last night we decided to go in a bit more organised, expecting the same numbers and the same type of fight, BALEX, Snuff Box and Shadow Cartel coordinated fleets to match each other and formed a 140 man T3 Voltron force that would be able to take on all comers.

Unfortunately for us, the ship types on field were nothing special. 

There were a couple of battleships on field who went down pretty quickly which all had smart bombs fitted, and EvE Uni decided to try a small armor HAC fleet but never really got involved in the fight. Everyone else seems to have decided to bring in Talwars, Cormorants and assorted T1 cruisers. Basically it was a waste of a perfectly good T3 fleet, even thought there was 600 in local before we jumped into the fight!

Another thing that was strange is that we never really got primaried, for large portions of the fight the only thing the Guardians we brought with us could actually rep was the Carrier itself, keeping it at 100% armor through most of the fight. 

In the end Shadow held the field almost without contest, losing only a BALEX Proteus at the beginning who failed the warp in and couldn't get back into rep range fast enough and a Guardian who DC'd and logged back on to find herself sitting in the middle of the 30 man Cormorant fleet. Once everything had been nuked off the field or had ran away we killed the Thanatos Carrier and then headed home after putting GF in local. Here is a video by Deadly Badger.

Overall, a lot of kills to make the killboards look all shiney but pretty boring for the guardians, of which i was one.

I think we were talking of down shipping for the next one, maybe Enyo's? Or Rifters maybe!

Fly dangerous o/