Monday, 31 March 2014

Oh Fuck! Aeon Flag Ship Down!!!

Hi everyone,

Pretty bad day for me so far.

A while a go I posted about 'Flagships' on this blog (about Oct 2010 I think) where I said that my newly bought Mega Navy would probably be my flagship. IE this ship I undock in least of all but the one I break out when the occasion demands it, like faction gank fleets and birthday black tie roams etc.

Well about a week a go I invested in a new flagship for myself. An Aeon Supercarrier.

This is one of the things about Shadow Cartel, you feel like you CAN have these fun toys because you will actually sometime be able to use them.

Anyway about midnight a friend of mine from TBRA days contacted me and old me about a solo dread out in Aset, just one jump from our main stationing system of Avenod and he was bashing a POCO.

I decided to take Mail in with a cyno and jump in my Aeon. Unfortunately for me this turned out to be a trap and a neutral Falcon uncloaks as I jump the Aeon in a bridges in a couple of HIC class ships then a number of dreads jump in and the Aeon goes down pretty quickly.

So yeah that was a fun little fight and now I have to go back to my level five missions to get enough to buy it again!

I learnt never jump your super around without friends for back up. Shadow Cartel me kick me for this...

Oh well....

Fly dangerous o/


 P.S Oh yeah I guess you want the full killmail


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