Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A damn good fight!

Hey guys!

Had a great fight last night so thought I would share it with you.

As part of The Defenders Of Pen Island I, and my alliance mates, get alot of stick for blobbing and yeah we do do things like this and this.
It's part of the game and as we play our roles as Pirates, we prey on weak and helpless. Thats sort of part of the Pirate image.

However we also don't run from proper fights if they come up and this was proven yesterday in Sisiede.

So me and Otto are running around in Sisiede in our cloaky probing ships and we both get a hit on this Drake and warp to him at range. I land 50km from him and realise he is sitting about 220km from the Amamake gate. We call on comms and get together a small gank fleet.

Mail in his new Cynabal, Otto in his Drake and a couple of others warp to my cloaky alt who has slowboated into popint range and we start the engagement.

At this moment we are thinking this is probably bait but we could try and gank it and get out.

The Drake is deep in shield when a friend of his in a Hurricane lands, primary is called on the 'Cane and damage is switched over. Then another one of his friends in a Cyclone lands. We make sure we spread our points but just as the enemy 'Cane is going down he manages to warp out.

One of our 'Canes goes down and we find out later that Ollie Khan, one of my best mates in RL, is a total FAIL and had fit a Medium Shield Extender II to his 'Cane instead of a large one. Moron...

Anyway back to the fight and primary is switched back to the Drake and he is finished off. Once he is down we switch to the Cyclone just as the rest of his gang lands. The first Hurricane comes back with another 2 'Canes in tow plus a Brutix, Dominix, Tempest and Blackbird.

The primary is switched again to the 2nd of the 2 'Canes and he dies in a ball of fire and the next primary, Tempest, is called. Our fleet are spreading points and keeping range as the Domi is heavy neut fitted.

Piscis is throwing missiles 90km out to the Blackbird who has to scarper before he gets melted. Damage is still on the Tempest and it eventually goes boom with the next primary being another of the Hurricanes.

Our fleet all being shield and nano fit are easily keeping range on the armor fleet and able to put alot more damage on them than they are able to put on us. Piscis is still on anti Blackbird duty and everytime he comes on grid sends missiles flying his way.

We finally get back to destroying the Cyclone we started earlier and now thier fleet is tring to pull range and warp out from us. Not going to happen when it is armor versus shield but they do try.

Cyclone goes down so we pour the damage onto the Brutix. With our fleet being at least 20km all through the fight he has been completely useless in this engagement which is why we left such a high DPS ship till last. Just in case you were wondering.

The last ship on the field for the other side is thier Dominix. He is now alone facing a full fleet of high DPS ships.

GF was offered in local by our fleet but only one pilot from thier fleet Gf'd back and that was the Blackbird pilot... probably because he didn't die!
Fly Dangerous o/

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