Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hi People!

I'm coming back.

Quite simply I have not had time recently to devote to blogging about EvE online but I have been playing a bit, now and again.

So lets do a quick update on the Mail Lite family. We'll start with RL first, I now have a 4 and a half month old son, Daniel. He loves sitting on my knee while I am playing EvE and I am hoping to get him into EvE when he is older. Lol!

Now for in game news about my 'Family', the pirate corp named Fla5hy Red.

As you guys probably all know we became very friendly with Python Cartel pretty much as soon as we left The Guristas Associates and started our own corp.

Over a few months it became clear that this would be more than just a passing friendship and we started talks with Python about setting up an official alliance with them,

What resulted was 'The Defenders of Pen Island' Fla5hy Red and Python Cartel were now one big happy and penis loving family. And since then we have gone from strength to strength and are enjoying our pirating more and more.

Golden Helmets official Pen Island Defenders announcement is found here.

Now as for my characters.

Mail Lite continues on his way to master Sub-Cap ships. He now has both Gallente and Minmitar Cruiser 5 and is working on the support skills and missiles before maxing out other ship command skills. In the big breaks I have had to take now and again Mail has also been working on gunnery skills and is now proficient enough to hit hard with either blasters or projectiles.

Hannibal is now on his way to -10. I hate missions and I felt that having Hannibal as a high sec toon was a waste of a really good combat toon. Hannibal has maximized his gunnery support skills and is working on T2 large LAZORS for his Abbadon.

He's also been using his scanning skills in and around Egglehende is one of the first points of call when we see a squishy mission runner in local.

TKK is now playing with Planetary Interaction and is currently making around 10mil a day. Not a lot but not bad for someone who only started 3 days ago!!

There have been some good fights recently and I think I will mention 2 of them. The first was fleet on fleet and the last was a gank.

Ok so the fleet on fleet foght all started when Hannibal scanned down a Drake doing a mission in Egg. We get 100% warp through 2 gates and pop the guys Drake in short order. Nothing special in that I guess but what happened next was a really good fight.

We fere sitting in the guys mission for a few minutes, talking and joking about penises when we got an Armageddon, Apocalypse and Dramiel on scan within 90km of where we were sitting. They were obviously sitting on the first gate so I sent Hannibal in his Falcon to go have a look.

Low and Behold they are sitting on the first gate so I get close to them and our fleet warps to the closest celestial and then back to Hannibal. We get point on each of them and then a Rapier uncloaks, a couple of minutes later a foe Falcon uncloaks and a Cynabal comes in too. The fight is on!

We primary the Rapier while keeping points on the other ships. I jam the secondary target with Hannibal while attacking the rapier with Mail. Rapier goes down in a blaze of glory and then we point the enemy Falcon. Their Falcon tries to jam mine and misses, he then tries to jam Mail's Hurricane but misses again. At this point he explodes. (Killmail missing)

Hannibal is keeping jams on one of the Battleships, the enemy Cynabal is now 156km from the fight and burning away, the Dramiel is one shotted by Otto and is out of the fight and the Apoc warps away.

We destroy the Armageddon and just as he explodes his friend in the Apocalypse warps back into the middle of the fight. No idea why he did that but points are switched and the Apocalypse is turned to space dust.

That's a Rapier, Falcon, Armageddon, Apocalypse and Dramiel down with a Cynabal getting away. Not to mention the Drake we ganked in his mission with no losses on our side. I would call that a good fight.

The other engagement I wanted to talk to you about happened the next day. I was just docking up to feed the little one when a call came from our scout in a neighbouring high sec system.

'Dominix Navy Issue on scan, no wait it's on gate! Get to GATE!'

I of course un-docked and warped straight to the gate along with a couple of others and point was called and damage was poured on. He didn't last long, I think it was a bit of suprise to be ganked that quickly.

Anyway down he went and point was called on pod. I called that I was going to ransom the pod and dragged him into a special channel. My opening offer was 300mil for the pod, expecting a bit of negotiation but no. He asked for 30 second to move some ISK around and then my wallet blinked. 300Mil in my account.

Points were lifted and off he scooted. We checked the wreck and found a number of faction mods. the nearly 1 billion ISK killmail is here!

All in all the 7 people on that kill received a total of just under 80 million ISK each. Not bad for a pirate!

Fly Dangerous o/



  1. Nice to see you back to posting again mail. WIll add a link to your blog again on mine.

    ISK from that Navy Domi was indeed sweet, and already invested in new instruments of our trade :-)

  2. Good to have you back mate :) Eve is less interesting when you are not here :)