Thursday, 10 March 2011

Looking for investment opportunities!

Hi all,

Being a pirate is great. I won't ever leave the proffession and at least 1 toon will always be neg sec status for as long as I play.

However being a pirate is not great for the ISK situation.

I have tried PI and market trading and find both of them... meh... boring!

So I am looking for an entrepreneur who I can back with a certain amount of ISK who will then go on and make ISK for both of us.

If this is you, you could already have a business in EvE and be looking to expand or thinking of starting one up, please put together a business plan and send me an ingame EvE message.

If I do not feel I can back the proposal myself I may be able to get some friends to also come in on it. Sort of like an EvE Dragons Den.

Hope to hear from some people soon.

Fly Dangerous o/


1 comment:

  1. Interesting. How do you plan to get the people who reply wanting to steal your money to give you their money instead?